Sam's Missionary Journal

August 4, 2018

Friends & Partners, 

Janey and I are now beginning our 4th month back in Guatemala. We have returned for a season but have much work to do to oversee and expand the ministry of Charlie's Lunch in other regions of the world, expressly Mexico, India and the Philippines and anywhere else God would open the door for us with personnel and resources. What God gave us in such a unique way back in September of 97” through the legacy of Charlie our sons life and testimony of Jesus love for the poorest of the poor to feed them and train them regarding a promising future is really quite amazing. It's like the story of Jesus feeding...

Dear Partners and Friends,

Just over 3 months have passed since Janey and I packed our most essential items in 2 suitcases each and a brief case for our office and made our way back to the region of Central America, specifically Guatemala. The country is a good base for our ministry operations to live and be set up from which to take periodic shorter stints for ministry in the surrounding areas of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. While we knew God brought us here for a time such as this; even giving us that word from different trusted friends and prayer intercessors around us, we weren't completely aware of what that...

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