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A Story of Life!

Easter weekend is fast approaching and here at Charlie’s Lunch we are filled with love and awe at the goodness of God expressed through His Son, Jesus Christ. The Word of God says that “In the past, God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets, at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son.” (Hebrews 1:1-2) God speaks through this amazing act of love, Jesus Christ crucified for our sins. This incredible love changes the heart of those who believe in it and instills in each one of us the hope and gift of eternal life. THAT IS THE MIRACLE we are seeing take place in us and in kids that are going through the Charlie’s Lunch program.

There is a young girl I want to tell you about who lives on the side of a mountainous ravine right in the middle of a bustling city in Guatemala. She, like many children, was born into difficult circumstances, in a neighborhood filled with gang violence and poverty, threatening the lives of the people that lived there. Into that tough reality, Pastor Luis Lopez and his wife reached into her world and invited her at the fragile age of just 4 years old to come to the Charlie’s Lunch Feeding Center and learn about the God who loves her, cares for her, provides for her, and all while filling her belly with good nutritious food. Dinora made friends and for years she attended Charlie’s Lunch there on that mountainside in this Holy Spirit-filled church.

The day came, as it always does, that Dinora aged out of the Charlie’s Lunch program and so they didn’t see her much anymore for a little while. All those years though she was being taught the Bible and the seed was being planted in her heart.

Well it’s our great joy to report to you that this January Dinora came back to the Church that used to serve her Charlie’s Lunch. That seed of the good news about Jesus Christ had only grown in her heart and just the other day she chose to continue to follow the word of God and BE BAPTIZED!

We rejoice with Dinora and how God has brought her up in the knowledge of His word and that it’s led her to this new, profound step of obedience, drawing her closer to a rich relationship with God. She is one of many. There is another girl, 15, Ana Guadalupe, 4 boys who are now becoming young men, and countless others with stories like Dinoras from around the Charlie’s Lunch network of churches. Praise God!

Thank you friend for helping feed Dinora and invest in her precious life all those years through Charlie’s Lunch. Jesus said “When you did it to the least of these, you did it as unto me.” We thank God that we get to serve this physical and spiritual food with loving, faithful, and generous supporters like you. Thanks for serving lunch… Charlie’s Lunch.


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