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Feeding, Building & Pressing On!

This year is flying by. We at Charlie’s Lunch continue to “press on” in the work that He has given us. 2023 so far has been a year of “goodbyes for now”, with our eyes fixed on heaven. Our dear brother, Steve, our precious friend Pam Freitag, one of our pastors from El Salvador, and several others all went home to Glory. We mourn, shed tears, rejoice and cherish the memories. We are renewed in our prayer, “Come quickly Lord Jesus!

A group of boys eating Charlie's Lunch

At the same time, Charlie’s Lunch has fed thousands, helped build 2 churches, prayed and counseled several pastors in the Charlie’s Lunch network and provided missions support to our front-line missionaries in India and Nepal. The purpose and goal is clear: “preach the gospel, feed the poor, love the children, grow the church of Jesus Christ and keep our focus on Jesus,” the Author and finisher of our faith.


Building Churches. Currently, 4 feeding centers have had new construction!

In Tablas Dos, El Salvador, Pastor Josue and his wife Sondra, have planted an indigenous church. They started with Charlie’s Lunch and you can see growth already!

In La Apopa, El Salvador, with the help of our beloved friends at Grace Christian Center/El Paso, TX, we have raised walls and put on a new roof as well as do some extensive, very needed, remodeling of the church and feeding center.

In Agua Santas, El Salvador, there IS A NEED for a retaining wall to be built. During the heavy rains, the flooding has created a real issue for the church and feeding center.

$800 is all we need for this. We have been feeding hungry children in Agua Santas for many years and seen much fruit. Please let us know if you can help!


We are living in critical times. Charlie’s Lunch is feeding thousands every week, opening new feeding centers, building kitchens, remodeling older ones, replacing kitchen equipment and sometimes even building a church in a far out remote village. Over the last couple of years, the costs of feeding the children has risen between 30-40%! Yet, our donations have not kept up with the new demand. The situation has truly made it a hardship for us. However, we press on because this is God’s mission, not ours. We are privileged that He’s chosen us to serve Him this way!

kids praying

In Philippians 4, the Apostle Paul was writing about the support he’d received. In verse 17 he states, “not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” This struck me. It’s humbling to ask for financial support sometimes but our motive isn’t for ourselves, it’s for those we serve. We pray that your giving is multiplied and the fruit of this ministry increases to your credit.

Then in verse 19, (we have all heard it) “my God will supply every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Verse 20, “To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.

If you have within your abilities to increase monthly support or to make a generous one-time donation to help at this time, we will be OVERJOYED that we could, even more effectively, answer God’s call of Charlie’s Lunch missions around the world.


Sam & Janey Stewart


Charlie's Lunch Ministries


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