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Summer News!

Chuikavioc, Guatemala

Dear Partners and Friends,

2022 has become one of the most eventful years so far for our family and Charlie’s Lunch! On a personal level, we have fought Covid (successfully), welcomed our 6th grandchild, and saw God heal him from a rough beginning that put him into the NICU for 7 days after birth. We said “goodbye for now” to our precious Aunt Ruth Anne Walker and Janey’s dad, Pastor Fred Walker just a month later. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions; fighting sickness, rejoicing at the new birth, grieving, and rejoicing for a new life on Heaven’s side. Meanwhile, the work of Charlie’s Lunch has and does continue to feed hungry children, present the gospel message and see miracles occur like never before!

My son, Joel, and I had the privilege of traveling to El Salvador and Guatemala for a couple of weeks to encourage our pastors and their families, the cooks, and volunteers involved with Charlie’s Lunch. We held training seminars, preached, ministered through prayer and faith, and saw miracles take place. We’re most grateful to all who partner with us and support Charlie’s Lunch Ministries! By God’s grace, the work of missions and evangelism in six nations is having a great impact with hundreds coming to follow Christ. Feeding hungry children and sharing the message of SALVATION through JESUS CHRIST is the primary reason we exist. Most of these children and their family members are being added to the church, not by coercion, but rather by a true witness that Jesus Christ is real and the Son of God. The GOSPEL MESSAGE is transforming lives and communities.


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