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Another Miracle

Bernabe's Daughter in Guatemala

Pastor Bernabes Daughter

A few days later we heard that Pastor Bernabe’s baby daughter had become very sick with dysentery and was extremely dehydrated. After many attempts over a two-week period, the hospital was not able to stabilize her and the hope that she would live was waning. She was admitted to the ICU as they tried desperately to keep her alive. Pastor Bernabe and his wife were told that she would probably die. However, God had another plan! As the Pastor received us with all the Charlie’s Lunch kids and some of their parents, he relayed the critical situation his daughter was in. Joel and I felt heavily that God wanted to manifest His healing power and glory in the midst of all gathered and heal this 3-month-old baby. We had him come to the altar and all the Charlie’s Lunch children gathered around to pray. (His wife was at the hospital with her baby). We began to pray the Prayer of Faith. It happened in that moment friends. God miraculously healed her! Pastor Bernabe came to the seminar breakfast we had planned a few days later giving thanks to God for his daughter’s healing. A week later, I received a text with a picture showing her healed body already gaining weight in just a few days. It was a Miracle!


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