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Charlie's Christmas 2017!

Christmas is always our favorite time of year at Charlie's Lunch!

Each year we give away thousands of gifts to each of the families across the world who are involved in Charlie's Lunch. Not just to the kids who participate in our meal programs, but their entire families!

And honestly, when we start giving out gifts, entire communities show up. So this year we are asking for help!

We have learned over the years one of the best ways to bless each family is to give a "Gift Basket" to each household. These gift baskets include several practical items like "Cooking Oil, Rice, Beans, Flour, Cleaning/Cooking utensils and much more.

But we also make sure to include treats like cookies, cider, marshmallows and other gifts. But not to forget ... TOYS! TOYS TOYS!

Give A Christmas Gift!

3 Ways for you to participate!:

  • $10 buys a toy for a child or $15 buys a gift for a volunteer (there are 300+)

  • $25 Gift Basket for an entire family!

  • Come with us to Honduras (Dec.7-12) and experience the joy of giving gifts first hand! Sign up online! $750 +airfare It's UNFORGETTABLE!!!!

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