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Rodrigo Loses Father but Not Fatherless

Rodrigo and his sister

Several months ago, in a rural, gang-infested area near Acapulco Mexico, a little boy named Rodrigo was traveling home with his family after his father had been selling livestock. This provided the family with the bulk of their income for the year.

Tragically, they were assaulted by gang members who demanded all of their money. When Rodrigo's father refused he was murdered in front of his family. The thieves stole everything they had. Rodrigo, his 3 siblings and his mother were left with nothing.

Now trying to resettle in an area of Temixco, Mexico a local church has reached out to help rehabilitate this family. The 4 children including Rodrigo receive Charlie's lunch 3 times a week and learn about Jesus. His mother, Francisca has been able to volunteer at the Charlie's Lunchroom and is able to take portions of food to last the week for her family. They have become part of the church where they are loved and are beginning to heal.

Please pray for Rodrigo, his siblings, and his mother Francisca as they recover from such a tragedy. We are thankful to be able to help them with Charlie's Lunch.

(submitted by Jacinto Bahena/Charlie's Lunch director)

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