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  • Director - Sam Stewart

6 Million Lunches!

Dear Partners and Friends of Charlies Lunch, We are moving "full steam" ahead to feed the poor as Jesus Christ has commanded us to do and as He did in feeding the 5,000 with a few pieces of bread and fish. Just as Jesus did, we give food for the body, soul and spirit to those in need.

To this date, we are thankful to be able to say Charlies Lunch has served over 6 million lunches since its inception!

We marvel at how God took our little boy Charlie's lunch and is feeding the multitudes!

I remember Janey, with tears falling down her cheeks saying, "My Charlie doesn't need this lunch anymore but the hungry little boy at the door needs Charlie's lunch." She proceeded to prepare little Carlitos a full, healthy, nutritious lunch fit for Charlie. That was 19 yrs. ago and look what God has done!

Currently there are 40 Charlies Lunch-rooms in 40 churches reaching the lost in some of the most difficult communities around the world. In slums, rural areas, inner cities, and small villages, the testimonies coming back to us are simply glorious. They tell the story of children and their families being fed and coming to receive Christ into their hearts and lives. At this time, there are approximately 3,000 kids and volunteers participating in Charlies Lunch.

That's over 39,000 meals each month served or more than 468,000 meals each year and that doesn't include the extra meals at Christmas and other holidays and events.


The goal that God has given us of 10/50/5000 (that's 10 nations, 50 feeding centers and 5000 children) is ever before us. We are not shy to ask you to pray about giving so that more children can be fed, more lives impacted and more souls are won for Christ. Whether its $20 to feed a child for an entire month or $400 to support a feeding program or $2500 to equip and build a new kitchen, it's an investment in a life that has eternal rewards. To give online simply click here.

As we rejoice in all that God is doing, our thoughts quickly go to you. Your partnership and generous support to Charlie's Lunch Ministries enables and propels this ministry forward.

Thank you! Thank you for sharing lunch...

Charlie's lunch!


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