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Charles Sterling Stewart

Twenty years ago today... we lost our Charlie.

It was a difficult time for us and it still is hard to remember. Days like today are not our favorite. There is such a mix of feelings, feelings of sadness, overwhelming grief and yet hope that we will one day see him again. While Charlie is gone from thee earth, his giving heart lives on. He was always a giver. Having gone thru severeal open heart surgeries as a young child he seemed to have a special softness towards people, the kind of sympathy one might expect in the Lord Jesus Christ. Charlie was a wonderful young man. He went home to heaven at just 12 years of age, three weeks before his thirteenth birthday. That day will forever be too hard for us (his family) to think about and remember.

However, today we remember him.

The scripture tells us to thank God for every life, so that is what we want to do today.

Heavenly Father, thou art wise beyond our comprehension and your ways are perfect. You can make a perfect heart. We thank You for the life of Charlie and for every day you had him here on earth with us. You are a good God! Thank You for blessing us with 12 years with him! We would have loved to have him for more, but we know your ways are better and he really has had the even greater privilage to be with You in heaven for these last twenty years! To live is Christ, but to die is gain.

Help us oh God we pray today. In our sense of loss fill us with hope.

We love You God. Thank you for Charlie.

-The Stewarts

These are words to a song we sang over Charlie from the very beginning of his life:

Bless the Lord who reigns in beauty. Bless the Lord who reigns with wisdom and with power. Bless the Lord who reigns my life with so much love, He can make a perfect heart.


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