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Charlie's Lunch Christmas!

Christmas celebrations have happened and are happening now all around the world at the Charlie's Lunch feeding centers thanks to our generous supporters.

It has been amazing to see all the pictures and hear all the stories of blessed little children from around the globe. Here's some words from the children themselves:

Christopher : Age 13 : Mexico

"Hello my name is Christopher but my grandma calls me Goyo. I want to say thank you to the team of Charlie's Lunch for the gift they have given me. The truth is that since they took my dad I've been feeling very alone and confused in regards to my future. Since they took my dad to prison I have been feeling very lonely because even though I live with my grandma my dad was always there to help and encourage me in everything and so not having him I have been sad.Through being at Charlie's Lunch I have come to understand how God loves me and this gift that was given to me makes me see that God is watching over me, my dad being in jail can't really get me anything this Christmas but at Charlie's Lunch they gave me a gift, a soccer ball, one of the nice ones and a delicious Christmas dinner, it was cool, there with my friends and all from the area, so for that I wanted to say thank you." (pictured here below on the right with the cool hat)

Wendy : Age 11 : Mexico

"Hello my name is Wendy and even though I live a little far from the feeding center I love to come every saturday to Charlie's Lunch. Sometimes I feel sad because my dad has been sick for years and he can't seem to get better but since I have been coming to Charlie's Lunch on saturdays I feel better because after being here where theres joy and a better future, even though I know it's a difficult life for me and my brothers and sisters, but I want to say thank you to the people who gave us the precious gifts thru Charlie's Lunch and the candy and especially the Christmas meal which was so cool, I don't usually eat pizza because it's so expensive and they really only have it way into town but that day I ate 3 big pieces, i felt like I ate too much, but I hardly ever get pizza. Thank you for giving me my Christmas present, I liked it very much. May God bless you all."

These are just two small examples of how God is blessing and taking care of His children this Christmas thru faithful supporters of Charlie's Lunch. Praise God!


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