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Sam Stewarts Visit to India

Sam, Todd and Brayden Peterson, Daniel Fred and the Villatoro family of 5, (First ever Charlie's Lunch Director of a CL feeding center in 1999 and now in India as missionaries from Guatemala), spent 18 days ministering and visiting 11 Charlie's Lunch Sites all over India. Quite a missionary journey! Check out the stats:

  • 22,000 miles traveled, 2,500 miles in India alone

  • Presented the gospel and teaching to over 2,000

  • Blessed 80 CL volunteers with gifts of appreciation & love

  • Prayed for 1,000 adults and children- hundreds responded asking for prayer

  • Hosted 3 CL training seminars

  • Hosted 4 Pastors conferences- teaching, encouraging and praying for over 160 Pastors

  • One highlight was being able to visit a new area for a new feeding center. It was an incredibly busy trip, but such a blessing to cover so much ground and be used by God.

By the end of the trip it was very evident that the need for both a meal AND the gospel is paramount in India. Please keep praying for India especially as we have received URGENT PRAYER REQUESTS as our teams are directly in the region where day and night temperatures have been rising to above 120 degrees and killing thousands in the particular areas where CL and our teams are working.

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