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  • Sam Stewart

How 1 Becomes 4

In Jutiapa, Guatemala, Pastors Juan Jose and Berta Morataya have been over-seeing Charlie's Lunch as part of the outreach of their church since 2004. They caught the vision of what God can do through Charlie's Lunch! For the past year the church has been taking Charlie's Lunch to 3 other difficult locations to feed hungry children and share the message of God's love with them regularly. They are feeding 115 children altogether!

They have been helped by a generous couple out of their church who supplies $80 worth of food staples as a subsidy to the $300.00 CL has been sending them. The children from the other 3 locations, poor as can be, are receiving 1 meal a week are needing a hot nutritious Charlie's Lunch meal every other day during the week. To accomplish this we need to help supply another $200/month to feed 125 kids 3 times a week at all 4 locations. Only $200 more per month and these difficult situations in these kids lives will be much alleviated. With the nurturing love and care and the power of the church partnered with Charlie's Lunch a real difference will be made in their plight for great good.

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