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Charlie's Lunch Impacts a Legacy

Yesenia was 9 years old in 1999 when Charlie's Lunch Ministries came to Santa Lucia Los Ocotes, Guatemala. Eric was a 16 year old teenage boy. Both of them became part of Hosanna Church and when Yesenia became a teenager, she began to serve Charlie's Lunch. They both came to know and love the Lord through the ministry of Charlie's Lunch and Hosanna Church.

Recently, Eric began studying in the Bible School and feels called to pastor. Last year, the church in Chuikavioc, Xela Guatemala, found itself without a pastor but Charlie's Lunch (in operation since May 2001) remained a strong outreach to this village. It's a difficult place located just outside of Quetzaltenango and populated by the Mayan Indians. When Eric and Yesenia heard about the need in Chuikavioc, having had the experience of growing up in Charlie's Lunch, they knew that was where God wanted to plant them. Just 2 weeks ago, they were voted in and are the new Pastors in Chuicaviok. Praise God! Let's keep them in our prayers!

Chuikavioc Building 1 2015_edited.JPG

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