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2014 Highlights

1. 350,000 meals were given to 2,600 kids & volunteers!

2. 5 new feeding centers opened in India, Honduras & Guatemala. (36 Total)

3. Hundreds reported coming to Christ and being baptized.

4. 40 "Summer Missions Team Members" ministered in 3 countries of Central America through medical clinics, childrens ministry and construction.

5. Through medical clinics we treated over 600 patients, givning free medicine and praying over each one.

6. We held a 3 night crusade in Honduras among the Garifuna tribe where many received healing and salvation.

7. Our Charlie's Lunchrroms received over $25,000.00 to improve facilities and build new ones in El Salvador and Guatemala.

8. 85 volunteers were given a basket of personal goods and a banquet dinner in appreciation for their faithful and hard labor.

9. A record breaking 6,000 kids, volunteers and friends were impacted and blessed at Christmas by the generous gift of a toy, gift basket and a special Christmas dinner!

10. Sam Stewart traveled extensively to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the Philippines to minister and encourage the CL kids & volunteers, as well as the pastors and their staffs, opening new Charlie's Lunchrooms, holding equipping seminars, Pastor's Conference, outdoor crusades and preaching and teaching in our partner churches and supporting churches in these countries as well as back in the USA.

We have so much to give God the honor and the credit for in 2014! As we reflect on all that God has done, the vision for the future is strong. We are sure that:


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