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An Update from India

From Area Director Lee Ruud

Charlie's Lunch Ministry in Hyderabad India is currently feeding 150 Children in three different locations each week.

We feed 50 Children in Vijay Sagar Colony, Hyderabad - twice a week.

We feed 50 Children in Malkaram Village, Hyderabad - twice a week.

Charlie's Lunch is also feeding 50 Children (sometimes more) at Abundant Life Care Children’s Home & Abundant Life Worship Center in the village of Shamirpet, Hyderabad, India – every Sunday.

We are very excited about the recently started Charlie's Lunch Feeding Centers at Shamirpet & Malkaram locations.


The children at all three Charlie's Lunch Feeding Centers are growing physically & spiritually in their Faith and knowledge of God! Many of the parents come to visit these CL Feeding Centers and give a very Big SMILE as they take their children home. Surely – Charlie’s Lunch Feeding Centers are a Light House in the Darkness that surrounds these children.

"Thank You", to Rev. Sam Stewart, Janey Stewart and the faithful partners & donors who pray for and financially support the Ministry of Charlie's Lunch.

Please continue to uphold these precious little children in

your daily prayers and the work of God being done here in India with Charlie's Lunch Ministries.

We are praying for you - In Christ,

Rev. Lee Ruud - Area Director Charlie's Lunch - Hyderabad, India


More pictures on our Facebook Page!

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