Every year churches and individuals come to serve with Charlie’s Lunch on a foreign mission field by providing ministry and aid to those less fortunate. These ‘short-term missions teams’, not only experience the “mission field” but the lives of those who participate almost always express how “life-changing” the experience is. It is an encouragement and “boost” to the pastors we work with and the church where Charlie’s Lunch operates. For more info click here.


We absolutely believe in the power of prayer! If you would please keep us in your prayers, our leadership, our staff, our volunteers and especially our Charlie's Lunch Kids! We send out a prayer chain email when urgent requests come up. To join the prayer team email us at info@charlieslunch.com.



Many individuals, businesses, and schools have found that the ministry of Charlie’s Lunch is an excellent way to share their faith and to explain the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening way.


Charlie's Lunch is constantly raising funds to support new and existing projects, not to mention Charlie's Christmas which happens every year at each feeding center. Let us know if you'd like some brochures to help you spread the word about Charlie's Lunch. Just email us at info@charlieslunch.com!


For just $15 a month you could support a hungry child with both physical and spiritual nourishment!


IRS TAX # 74-3018616

Recognized by the IRS since 2002 as a Public Charity.

1941 California Ave, P.O. Box 78345, Corona, CA 92877

1 (951) 821-8102