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Pastor Gustavo / Peronia Guatemala

God’s power and anointing fell on us as we prayed for the sick and hurting. In Guatemala, we heard that Pastor Gustavo had been very sick. While helping to serve Charlie’s Lunch, he collapsed and they couldn’t find a pulse. The paramedics came and within 20 minutes they revived him on the way to the hospital but he was in critical condition. He spent the night in the emergency room under sedation. The next day, though extremely weak he returned home. We arrived to be with all the Charlie’s Lunch kids and saw that his condition was not good. I suggested he go home and rest but he was determined to stay. He sat in a chair in a corner of the sanctuary where he could lean against a wall. We felt directed to pray a strong prayer of faith over him. It was a good moment to teach all the children and adults who were there the desire and power that God has to heal His people. In a powerful demonstration of God’s miracle healing grace, in that very moment... God healed Gustavo to the amazement of all who gathered. Just 4 days later, Gustavo and his wife, smiling from ear to ear, testified of God’s goodness at our Pastor Directors’ seminar. God is so good! God wants to save, restore and heal all who will believe and have faith in Him. To God be all the Glory!


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